Bimodal is at the top of the PMO buzzword list.
As you know, Bimodal is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability; the other on exploration.
Can a Bimodal approach to project execution make your organization more agile?
Well it’s a big challenge, but organizations and project teams are developing strategies to achieve the benefits and minimize the risks.
Some years ago, PMO had to choose one or another execution method, but nowadays, marrying a more predictable approach to agile execution plays an essential role in the actual critical business digital transformation.

Here we go again! And what about the right software tool?
If we never have the perfect software tool to support the most predictable and well-understood tasks, to find the right tool to handle Agile in a well-integrated way is not an easy task.

On this article, we want to present the revolutionary software solution that will allow you to get the “Best of Both Worlds”.
From our point of view all modern Project Teams need to address tasks on the two styles of work, but real value comes from the rich integration.

With TRISKELL Software, plan your Project and let your Agile team integrate tasks with your plan.

Check your Timesheet and all visual information about your Approvals per Object.