TRISKELL, For Your Business #

CIO in Pharmaceutical Sector, Portugal

« Triskell setup by BootPlan is a great help for us, allowing better and simpler Project Management, managing our new Agile Change and Release Management, providing actual KPI control and an effective way to manage Capacity and Time spent.
The final result exceeded initial expectations. »

CEO in IT Sector, Portugal

« We have evaluated several PPM Software and are amazed how easy and flexible TRISKELL is.
The implementation team demonstrated strong knowledge of Project & Portfolio Management and Project Management Officer’s needs. »

Project Manager in Insurance Sector, France

« I really appreciate the reactivity of Triskell Team.
It is an excellent thing to have a provider that listens so much to customers. »

Traditional Solutions are far from meeting customers needs.

Talk to us before you change your solution.

For Your Business

  • Teams from 5 up to 1000

  • Setup, Training and Change Management from 1 week up

  • 2 days Pilot development, without commitment, for Your approval

Revolutionary Solution for Your Portfolio & Project Management

  • The Most Versatile – 100% customization | 0% programming

  • The Most Flexible – configurable Object Model

  • The Most Adaptable – customized model for your business

  • The Most Universal – supports any Project Management Methodology

Services TRISKELL Project

Management by BootPlan

  • We developed a proven service methodology to maximize customer value gain.

  • BootPlan’s team includes specialists with 10 years’ experience in delivering PPM world leading software solutions to known market reference Clients.

  • Our specialists integrated in the past the development teams of some PPM solutions, specially TRISKELL Software.

 Advantages to

work with us

  • Object Model adapted to each Client’s Team

  • Configuration along with the Client

  • Training and Change Management from the beginning

  • Autonomy Empowerment for advanced user managers

  • Integrated reporting enrichment


«Triskell is a revolutionary PPM platform, 100% Saas and extremely flexible, allowing customers to structure and combine easily company-wide portfolios into a unique user environment.»

Have your company-wide portfolios into a unique integrated user environment.

> Customize features by each Team

> IT Information Systems, Financial, Design, R&D…

All in One solution

> Make use of All Methodologies in one integrated Solution –

| Waterfall | Agile | Scrum | Kanban | 

Capacity Planning Management

 – By department, by team, by portfolio object –

| Resources | Capacity | Cost | Issues | Risks |

Many more Rich Featured Management Objects

| Planning | Reporting | Scoreboards | Timesheet | Tickets | Calendars |

Rich Integrated Reporting

> Get a permanent integrated overall Portfolio and Business bird’s eye.

> Web rich on-time data + Excel report integration  

Triskel Software

The Triskell tool is available for rental (SaaS). Service management, Resourses Control, Project management.

  • Roles definitiation per object, resource, attribute, workflow status.

  • Capacity Planning, per project, Teams, Departments

  • Reporting. On Time data for any existing object.


  • 100% SaaS

  • Compatible with all operation systems, Tablets, Smartphones

  • 100% Configurable

  • Flexible

  • User-Friendly

  • Modular, allows object creation to manage.

  • Allows different project structure for each department or portfólio.

  • Timesheet available for tasks, risks, milestones,demands or any other existing object.

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5 to 2020 to 100100 to 1000


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